Green, not just on the surface!

With we not only want to make your own four walls more beautiful. We also want to commit to making the journey from design to delivery as sustainable as possible. Therefore, we do not mass-produce our products just to have them wait for sale in large warehouses. Instead, every pillow, bed linen and every other product from our range is actually produced especially for you when you order it. This is called print-on-demand and offers not only advantages for you, but also for the environment.

Short distances for greater pleasure

All products that you can purchase from us are printed and assembled by our team in Europe. Our modern textile printing machine gives us the opportunity to print the textiles in an environmentally friendly process. Then the textiles go into the hands of the experienced employees of the family business and are processed further. Production in Europe has the great advantage that the delivery routes are shorter and, as a result, the environmental impact is significantly lower. On the one hand, you will get to your design object of desire faster and on the other hand you can be sure that your new favorite piece did not have to travel around the world by ship or plane to find its way to you.

The material for long stories

Once you have the article, we of course want you to enjoy it for a long time. It is not for nothing that we see our products as unique items, not as mass-produced goods. Sure, we cannot prevent trends and tastes from changing either. With our range of high-quality fabrics that you can choose from, we help ensure that our products have a long life in your home. This is how we prevent you from having to part with your beloved curtains, your new favorite pillow or your holiday cloth napkins. Throw it away? At most in the laundry.