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With textilwerk, we set out to rethink textile production. Away from warehouses and overproduction, towards a sustainable production chain with a clear goal: zero waste.

From the heart, not from warehouses

The textile industry is one of the biggest polluters - so why do we want to be part of it? We want to show that there are alternative, sustainable ways to produce high-quality home textiles. With our on-demand production, we've laid the foundation on which we want to build.

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Only what is ordered and thus needed is also produced. Instead of filling warehouses, we ship custom-made home textiles directly to your home.

— Julia, Product Management

Sustainability is not a marketing tool for us, but the driving force behind all our decisions. This presents quite a few challenges and ensures that every now and then we forego potential profit in order to find a solution that we can reconcile with our beliefs and values. We would rather grow organically and purposefully than chase maximum profit and lose sight of our principles.

This is what we stand for

Sustainability and appreciation play a decisive role for us not only in production. Through social commitment and initiatives, we also want to make a difference in society within the scope of our possibilities. Our team thinks outside the box and brings personal commitment to the company. We learn from each other to make the most of our given resources and means.

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