We attach particular importance to this

When we say that we want to make textile production more sustainable, this also means that your new favourite product is particularly durable. We achieve this with high-quality raw materials and carefully selected partners.

This is called teamwork

For as long as textilwerk has existed, we have been working with SE-DA, a family business in Poland, to offer you the best possible textile quality. You can tell from our products that SE-DA originally specialised in textile production for hotels.

With SE-DA we have found the perfect partner to implement our idea of modern, sustainable textile production. We are working together to transfer textile craftsmanship into today's world.

— Maik, Founder & CEO

Our entire range is lovingly hand-sewn here and then checked for quality by experienced eyes. Only what meets our high standards ends up in the shipping box. We are always working on combining innovative technologies with traditional craftsmanship.

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Selected fabrics for your home

To make sure you can snuggle up in our textiles, we have carefully selected and tested every fabric. How well does the ink stay on the fabric? How easy is it to clean? How do we achieve the best feel in an environmentally friendly way? 

With all new fabrics, we make sure that we can trace where the fabric comes from and that it is produced under good, sustainable conditions. But of course our work doesn't stop there. In the future, we want to show you the complete supply chain for every raw material in a very transparent way.

— Lisa, Product Management

Our cotton and linen fabrics have a particularly elegant look and embellish every home. But we also make sure that you can find the right product for your everyday life. That's why, in addition to our natural fibres, we also offer you high-quality polyester fabrics.

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In addition to diversity, environmentally friendly production is also a top priority here. Currently, we are already working on ensuring that all polyester products will soon be made from 100% recycled material.

— Joan-Marie, Product Management