These are our values

As a young company, we are always faced with groundbreaking questions and decisions. In order to pursue our vision, we have established values that underlie every decision.

We treat existing resources with respect.

Sustainable action also includes questioning ourselves sometimes and finding other solutions. After all, rapid growth is useless if we burn up the resources we need for the future. Our vision is to bring inspiring textiles into your home without harming the environment.

We act collectively

The goal of sustainable textile production can only be achieved together. We involve our customers, designers and production partners on the way to this great goal and dare to leave conventions behind in order to take a step in the right direction.

We meet each other at eye level

Whether in our dealings with customers, designers or within our team, respect and empathy are our top priorities. We want to create a working environment in which people feel taken seriously and well cared for. Everyone is part of our project and can set their own accents.

We remain curious

A project like textilwerk only works if everyone involved is enthusiastic. In order to keep the passion and motivation high, we think outside the box and bring in what we have learned into our work on textilwerk. We prefer to discover new ways than to follow well-trodden paths.

We want to inspire confidence through transparency

A 100% sustainable production of textiles is a time-consuming undertaking. We openly admit that our company is not yet where we want to be. Because instead of being satisfied with the status quo and hiding behind marketing platitudes, we are working to reach our goal.

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