Our values

When we founded textilwerk.com, we not only had big goals for the project in mind, but also and above all an idea of the values with which we want to achieve these goals. In order to make us more aware of these values and to make them more transparent, we have recorded them and share them with everyone.

We are with all of our hearts!

The textilwerk.com platform is not a normal job for us, but a matter close to our hearts. That's why we put a little heart and soul into everything we do. As difficult as some tasks may be, we always try to keep our vision of textilwerk.com in mind and work towards it.

We are a team at eye level.

A company like textilwerk.com can only function if the team sticks together and everyone pulls together. In order for this to succeed, we do without elbow thinking and instead rely on honest discussions and respect for each individual. We dare to make mistakes - that's the only way to learn. We take enough time for work, but also enough time for ourselves. And we keep the hierarchies flat, what counts is the competence in the individual areas.

Diversity is very important to us. The way it should be.

Everyone has their own story and each is worth hearing. We want to be a platform where everyone can find their place. No matter which country you come from. No matter who you love. No matter what color the skin is. And no matter what you believe in.

We respect the environment in which we live.

The fact that we understand sustainability not as a buzzword, but as an order, shows in every step of our production. We want individual, high-quality home textiles not to ask too high a price from the environment. That is why we produce our goods in Europe, pay close attention to the working conditions in our production facilities and only produce as much as customer demand requires. You can find more information about our production here.

You are part of our team.

For us, our customers and our designers are an important part of the project and therefore also part of the team. We want to make communication as transparent as possible and make the design and further development of textilwerk.com a project for the entire team. Including you! This means that suggestions for improvement and feedback are always welcome!