Fair products - Made with love in Europe!

We use the claims "made with love" and "made of the best people" with a clear conscience, because we are proud to have our products sewn in Europe and even to know the people behind them personally!
In addition to impeccable quality, it is very important to us to counteract the current waste in the production of textiles. That is why we only produce what is really needed. That means: only when you click on the order button do we start the machines for you. Our products are then not transported across half the globe, but quite deliberately in Europe. We are happy to pay a little more for production because we act to the best of our knowledge.

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But how exactly does the production of a pillow work?

As soon as an order is received by our production department, it is sent to our textile printer, which prints your chosen design on the fabric of your choice. We use an environmentally friendly, GOTS-certified printing process for this. Here we describe exactly what is behind this printing process. Would you like to find out more about our various raw materials? Then take a look here!

After your design has been printed, it must of course be sewn together. Our products are manufactured in a family business in Poland. A great team takes care of your new favorite products and sews them together with a lot of love.
In the sewing shop, the printed fabrics with the ordered motifs are delivered once a week.
There, the different motifs are first cut out, assigned to their order and then sewn directly together.

And why are we showing you all this?

Because we fully support our production process and want to show you that textile production still works in Europe and that you don't have to have it produced under poor working conditions.

Everything is done here with a lot of manual work and attention to detail, so that your new pillow arrives the way you want it to.

— Lisa Preuß - textilwerk.com product manager