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We are particularly proud of our flexible, resource-saving production. Together with our production partner, we only manufacture what is ordered and therefore needed. Our products come from the heart, not from overcrowded warehouses.

How On-Demand works

The cornerstone of our sustainable textile production is our on-demand approach: only after a product has been purchased is the corresponding file created for printing. The same day the order is placed, the file is sent to our production partner and can be printed the very next day.

Together with our production partner, we work every day to make on-demand production as smooth and environmentally friendly as possible.

— Julia, Product Management

Product type, fabric selection and measurements are stored in the print file so that our seamstresses know exactly how the fabric has to be processed. The printed textile is then lovingly and expertly handmade into the product you ordered. It is shipped directly - fresh from production - to your doorstep. And it is ready to embellish your home.

It's all about the print

With our modern textile printing machines, which print in an environmentally friendly way thanks to water-based inks, we are ideally equipped for on-demand production. This creates the prerequisite for us to have full control over the production process and all the little adjusting screws that go with it. Accordingly, we can produce quickly on demand without the quality suffering as a result of this speed.

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We use the most suitable printing process for the different fabrics. For our polyester fabrics we use the so-called dye sublimation printing. This is a process in which the ink is absorbed particularly deeply into the fabric. This ensures a great, particularly long-lasting print result.

With our natural fibres, the printing process is simply called direct printing: this process not only has the advantage that we can print your order very quickly, it is also a very environmentally friendly textile printing process. This is due to the low water and energy consumption, as well as the biodegradable ink we use for printing.

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