We print directly for your home

Our high quality fabrics deserve the best possible treatment – especially when printing. In order to transfer the diverse designs to the textiles, we use a digital direct printing process. This process not only has the advantage that we can print your order very quickly, it is also significantly more environmentally friendly than other textile printing processes. This is due to the low water and energy consumption, as well as the biodegradable ink that we use for printing. Our printing process is even GOTS certified. This means that the printing process has been thoroughly tested and meets numerous criteria that are crucial for sustainable production. In addition to complying with a minimum wage, this includes the use of organic fibers and the exclusion of environmentally harmful or toxic substances. So you can cuddle up in your new favorite products with a clear conscience or decorate your home with them. You can find even more about the GOTS certificate on the official GOTS homepage.


So that the whole thing is not only particularly environmentally friendly, but also beautiful to look at, we give all textiles a real special treatment. Before they are used for printing, the fabrics are well prepared. In this way, the color penetrates particularly deeply into the fabric. This ensures that the print lasts longer and that the designs are displayed on the textile the way you want them to be.